Temple authorities at the new Ram Temple in Ayodhya are making special arrangements to protect Lord Ram’s idol in wake of the severe heatwave condition that has gripped the holy city. According to Temple authorities, special care is being taken of the food offered and the cloth used to adorn the idol. “See Ram Lala here is in child form, and the children feel hot. He receives food accordingly. The clothes he is wearing are also light. His ornament is also lightweight. We try to wrap him with flowers and we giving cool items,” says  In-charge Ram Mandir Trust Camp Office. According to a local dress maker, muslin cloth and cotton fabric, sourced from all across the country has been used to make the attire for the idol. Ayodhya is in the grip of a severe heatwave with the maximum day temperature hovering around the 45 degrees celsius mark. In such a situation, its not just the comfort of devotees that the Temple authorities are taking care of, but also the idol of Lord Ram.

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