Suicide cases of students in Kota city of Rajasthan have raised concerns across the country. Police has taken a new initiative to stop suicide cases of students studying in coaching centres. In a positive initiative towards curbing the cases of student suicides in Kota, Rajasthan Police has signed a deal with META, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram. If any student’s post or content on social media suggests that he is in depression or there is a possibility of suicide, then the company will immediately alert the police. The police will get the information about the post and technical details of the person. The police will share this information with the police of the concerned district in the entire state. The district police team will go to the spot and stop the person from committing suicide and will alert the family members. Let us tell you, Kota Police has started getting these services from past 4 days. Watch video to know the inside details of the initiative. 

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