Pakistan’s National Commission for Rights of Children (NCRC) has written to the country’s Foreign Office, requesting the repatriation of the four children of Seema Haider, the married Pakistani woman who travelled to India last year to marry an Indian man she met online.

Haider, who reportedly entered India via Nepal, brought her four children along while their father remains in Pakistan, ARY News, a media portal based in Pakistan, reported.

In a letter addressed to the Pakistan Foreign Office, the NCRC called for the safe return of Haider’s children.

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The letter, ARY News reported, says that Pakistani citizen Seema Haider, the wife of Mr Gulam Haider, crossed the border from Nepal to India and took her four children along, without the consent of their father. The letter describes the father as their natural guardian.

Afterwards, the letter says, Seema Haider married an Indian Hindu without getting a divorce from her husband. Additionally, it is alleged in the letter, the children have been subjected to forced religious conversion, with their names changed as well. 

Seema Met Indian Lover On Online Gaming Platform 

Seema entered India last May with her four children to marry Indian national Sachin Meena, whom she met through the online gaming platform PUBG Mobile.

The 27-year-old woman entered India illegally and moved in with Sachin Meena, in Greater Noida.

However, she was arrested on July 4, 2023, for entering India without a visa. Sachin also faced action for sheltering illegal immigrants, but was released later.

The Ministry of External Affairs had stated earlier that the matter was “under investigation”, adding that Seema Haider was presented before a court and had been granted bail. 

Seema’s affair with Sachin became headline fodder for months. The couple is also quite active on social media.

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