Editorial Roundup: United States

By May31,2024

Excerpts from recent editorials in the United States and abroad:

May 29

The Washington Post on

America’s economic mood remains glum. This is despite great news: Growth is strong; the stock market just hit record levels; unemployment is low; and inflation has significantly cooled in the past year. Dig a little deeper into public sentiment and there’s a striking dichotomy — the vast majority of Americans (72 percent) say their personal finances are all right, but only 22 percent think the national economy is in decent shape, according to a chart the Federal Reserve recently released.

Negativity about the national economy nosedived during the pandemic and has barely rebounded since. The Fed surveys more than 11,000 adults a year, with its most recent assessment of financial well-being occurring in late 2023. Recent polling shows a similar divide, with Americans saying that they are doing “okay ” (or their state is doing pretty well ) but that the national economy is in trouble. A…


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