Responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “EVM Zinda Hai” jibe, Congress leader and Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar on Friday said that the opposition would “definitely” answer. He further stated that the bloc has been collecting evidence and soon would get back to the issue. Modi, who was elected as the leader of Lok Sabha today, aimed the Opposition over its claims that EVMs provide “false results” of voting. 

“Definitely, we will answer. We are in the process of collecting a lot of evidence. We will collect the evidence and come back to you,” DK Shivakumar told reporters. 

Modi stated the Opposition’s only aim throughout the election duration has been to “defame India”.

Addressing newly elected MPs and NDA leaders at a meeting at the Central Hall of Parliament, PM Modi stated, “These people wanted to destroy the people’s belief in the democratic process of India. That’s why they kept on raising allegations against EVMs. But on June 4, they were silenced by EVMs… I hope for the next 5 years, I won’t have to hear any complaints against EVMs”.

Here’s All That PM Modi Said At NDA Meet 

Stating that he would strive to ensure unanimity in all decisions of his next government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that the NDA is an organic alliance committed to the principle of “nation first”. Modi further stated that the NDA government in the next 10 years will focus on good governance, development, quality of life, and minimum interference in the lives of common citizens.

The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) chose Narendra Modi as its leader to become Prime Minister of thecountry for the third time. 

“If we look at it in terms of numbers in the history of coalitions, this is the strongest coalition government,” Modi said, adding, “We have never lost. Our conduct following June 4 shows that we know how to digest victory”.

He further stated, “There were efforts to not acknowledge this very victory, to cast a ‘shadow of defeat’ on this victory. But all such efforts remained fruitless… Such things ‘die very young’, and it happened”.

NDA leaders including N Chandrababu Naidu (TDP), Nitish Kumar (JDU), Eknath Shinde (Shiv Sena), Chirag Paswan (LJP-RV), H D Kumarswamy (JDS), Ajit Pawar (NCP), Anupriya Patel (Apna Dal-S), Pawan Kalyan (Jana Sena) were also present at the meeting along with newly elected Lok Sabha members of the ruling alliance.

“The NDA is not a grouping of parties that have come together to get power, it is committed to the principle of ‘nation first’,” Prime Minister mentioned while congratulating the newly-elected members.

Modi said “INDI alliance” parties have already started saying they came together only for the Lok Sabha polls. Such an approach showed their character, hunger for power, Modi said.

“For me, the NDA stands for New India, Developed India, Aspirational India,” he added.

“Our 10 years were just a trailer. We will work much harder and faster for the development of our country. People know that we will deliver,” Modi said.

The PM stated he had been missing parliamentary debates and hoped that the Opposition MPs also contribute to nation-building when they come to parliament.

PM Modi Takes Dig At Congress

Taking a dig at the grand old party, PM Modi said the Congress party could not even touch the 100 seats mark, and that their total seats in the last three Lok Sabha polls were fewer than the BJP’s tally in this election alone.

“We are glad to note that one of our representatives has emerged victorious in Kerala for the first time. We have been having a brilliant performance in Arunachal Pradesh. In Sikkim also, we have almost registered a ‘clean sweep’. In Andhra Pradesh, it is a historic victory. The way NDA’s vote share has increased in Tamil Nadu clearly shows what is in the offing,” Modi said.

“In the last 10 years, we worked to make the country touch new heights of success. A common thing amongst all the leadership pillars of NDA is Good Governance,” PM Modi said.

“Whenever given the chance to serve, every leader of the NDA has ensured Good Governance across Bharat. The NDA has become synonymous with Good Governance,” Modi said.

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