The stock market is in a frenzy due to the exit poll projections for the Lok Sabha elections. BSE Sensex opened at the level of 76,583 with a rise of 2621.98 points or 3.55 percent. This is its highest level till date. Apart from this, NSE’s Nifty opened at 23,337.90 with a spectacular rise of 807.20 points or 3.58 percent. The stock market has opened at a historical peak and the volatility index i.e. India VIX, which gives an idea of ​​decline, is seeing a decline of more than 18 percent. The market capitalization of BSE has come down to Rs 423.94 lakh crore, whereas on Friday it was at Rs 412.23 lakh crore. That means, as soon as the market opened, investors’ earnings have increased by more than Rs 11 lakh crore. 3100 shares are trading on BSE out of which 2670 shares are on the rise. 328 shares are on the decline and 102 shares are trading without any change.

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