Saw the exit poll…now see the ‘line of destiny’…the question is…whose destiny line is strong enough to form the government in Delhi…according to the exit poll of ABP-C Voter…Narendra Modi is third Can become Prime Minister again… NDA can get 353 to 383 seats, But what do the calculations of astrologers say… If majority is not found, then whose luck will shine?… Can Rahul and Kejriwal ever become Prime Minister… The question is also that what is in the fate of India with the arrival of the new government? …how will the next 5 years pass? How will relations be with neighbors? This time the government can merge Pok with India, To answer all such questions on the basis of astrology, we have 7 astrologers with us… who are sitting with the answers to every question… for the correct answers to all these questions, watch this special report of ABP News.

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