ABP-CVoter Survey Video Fact Check: The 2024 Lok Sabha elections spanning over seven phases ended on Saturday, June 1. After the end of the polling, ABP News and CVoter came out with the Exit Poll predictions, with data provided on the state level with granular details. With conversations about BJP-led NDA coming to majority as per Exit Poll predictions, ABP CVoter occupied the digital landscape’s conversation, being one of the most reliable sources. However, certain images, videos and news stories with the mark of ABP CVoter are being circulated on social media and WhatsApp groups under false or misleading context or with totally fake narration.

Mentioned below are three instances where the ABP-CVoter Survey is being circulated with missing or false context:

1. Video With Misleading Numbers Giving INDIA-bloc Edge Is Fake And Voice Is Synthesised 

A short clip is being circulated on WhatsApp groups, which shows ABP-CVoter Exit Poll predictions hugely favouring INDIA bloc and the BJP-led NDA in trouble in the Lok Sabha Polls. The numbers showcased in the video — NDA getting 152-182 seats, INDIA securing 353-383 and others getting 4-12 — are altered. These numbers in the video are inverted. ABP-CVoter has predicted that the BJP under Narendra Modi’s leadership will be able to get a third term with NDA and secure between 353 and 383 Lok Sabha seats, while the INDIA bloc, with the Congress as a constituent, will be getting 152-182 seats. The video also has an altered synthesised voice that speaks in the direction of INDIA winning the Lok Sabha elections.

Please do not fall prey to such fake videos, and only rely on the secured sources of ABP Network.

Claim By Video:

Here’s Original Video Of ABP-CVoter Exit Polls 2024 Coverage

2. ABP CVoter Pre-Poll Survey Shared As ‘Exit Poll’  

Another video allegedly showcasing ABP-CVoter Exit Poll results suggests the ruling BJP’s diminishing influence in South India. Users on X (archived here and here) claimed that the ‘exit poll’ had predicted 80-90 seats for INDIA in South India and only 15-25 seats for the NDA, while the rest of the seats were “going to someone else.” 

The clip has also gained widespread traction on Facebook. Bihar Pradesh Congress Sevadal, a political arm of the Congress in Bihar, also shared the clip on Meta’s social media platform, claiming it to be the findings of ABP CVoter Exit Polls 2024.

Screenshot of claims made online. (Source: X/Facebook/Modified by Logically Facts)
Screenshot of claims made online. (Source: X/Facebook/Modified by Logically Facts)

The video in question showcases the results of an ABP-CVoter Opinion Poll which was conducted before the commencement of the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections and is not an Exit Poll. ABP Live reported, in the pre-election survey for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections published on December 25, 2023, that the INDIA bloc could secure a 40 per cent vote share and BJP to get 19% of the vote share.

Here’s Original Video

3. Andhra Pradesh Pre-Election ABP-CVoter Survey Shared As ‘Exit Poll’

Several social media users have shared a screenshot of a news report by ABP Live, claiming the results of the ‘ABP CVoter Exit Poll’ carried out in Andhra Pradesh showing the three-party alliance of the Jana Sena Party (JSP), the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is set to win the most number of Lok Sabha seats in the state. Users added hashtags indicating that this purported exit poll had indicated that the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh, the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP), would lose the elections. Similar posts were also shared on Facebook. Archived versions of such posts can be seen here, here, here, here, and here.

While  ABP-CVoter Exit Poll, released on June 1 evening (after 6:30 PM), does give the BJP-TDP-JSP alliance 21-25 Lok Sabha seats in Andhra Pradesh and predicts 0-4 seats for the YSRCP, we found that the screenshot in question is from an ABP Live report about a pre-election opinion survey published in April 2024 before the Lok Sabha elections 2024 kicked off.

Screenshot of claims made online. (Source: X/Facebook/Modified by Logically Facts)
Screenshot of claims made online. (Source: X/Facebook/Modified by Logically Facts)

The posts by social media users were shared on June 1 late afternoon, before the results of the ABP-CVoter exit polls were published. The Election Commission of India (ECI) (archived here) had issued guidelines stating that exit polls must only be released after 6:30 PM on June 1, 2024, following the completion of polling across all seven phases.

Logically Facts research showed that the screenshot predicting a substantial victory for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), is sourced from an article published on  April 16, 2024, by ABP Live on its website. The report is an opinion survey conducted before the start of the 2024 Indian general election on April 19 and is not an Exit Poll.

Please refrain from falling into the trap of misinformation and only consume news from credible ABP Live platforms and stay tuned for all the latest on Lok Sabha Election results on June 4.

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